What We Do

Strategy Implementation

Develop comprehensive transformational change programs to realize the planned benefits from your strategic plan.

Sustainability Transformation

Techno-economic strategies and programs to adapt your business to meet the sustainable governance, planning, and operations demands of a changing world.

Asset Management

Municipal asset management strategies, plans, and projects using our SPR Momentum™ Asset Management Framework using our “data-driven, model-based” approach to align your asset investments with your community goals.

How We Work

Research & Analysis

Deep dives into the problem space that produces targeted plans and insightful information.

Model-Based Studies

System dynamics models and systems thinking causal diagrams provide insight into strategy and policy's intended and unintended consequences.

Scenario-Based Solutions

Practical solutions based on multi-criteria requirements pulled from your business and operating models.

Economic Assessment

Feasibility and impact studies and cost/benefit analysis to determine solution viability.


We are proud to be a CentralSource asset management strategic partner of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association.

Energy & Environment

A sustainable environment requires sustainable energy choices. We can help you create green energy plans using geothermal, wind, solar, and biomass energy.

System Dynamics

Our data-driven, model-based approach uses System Dynamics to create simulation models that provide deep insights into complex problems. Contact us to demonstrate of how we can improve your strategic decision-making process.