Amistra Consulting Ltd. is developing the Winning Systems methodology to help enterprises realize their business visions and reduce the risks from technology investments. The Winning Systems methodology consists of three stages:

  • develop Strategies
  • manage Projects
  • deliver Results

At all stages the focus is on delivering results. By orchestrating the use of proven techniques with new tools such as the People-Process-Transaction triangle and the PM Plus templates, the methodology manages results from concept to delivery.


Business strategies are intended to guide the enterprise, but too often their implementation falls short of the intended goals. The Winning Systems methodology provides the structure to leverage proven strategic planning techniques and turn strategic goals into clear deliverables that are tied to results.

Creating these deliverables enables organizations to identify the projects required to deliver not just requirements, but results. Defining projects based on strategies enables management of the complex interactions between projects so that they become a true investment portfolio rather than a collection of managed work centres.

A key feature of the methodology is that it ensures the alignment of business processes and corporate information systems. The key requirements for enterprise architecture are developed during development of the business strategies, and are realized during project delivery.


Successful project delivery begins with the creation of balanced project portfolios. The Winning Systems methodology evaluates the investment capacity, change capacity and risk profile of the enterprise and builds an achievable project portfolio from the strategies and deliverables identified in stage one.

Best of breed project techniques are augmented with Winning Systems methodology tools to reduce risks, to improve adoption rates and to maximize benefits. The PM Plus resource kit provides project managers with pragmatic tools to go beyond the scope schedule cost method of project management.

Included in the PM Plus resource kit is the People, Processes, Transactions analysis template. Unique to the Winning Systems methodology, this analysis tool provides a powerful method of aligning business and IT by focusing on transactions instead of technology. This alignment results in lower IT investment risk.


Projects should produce more than just deliverables, they should produce results. A rigorous focus on results is what makes this methodology unique.

Whether the results are tangible (goods produced, cash flow, etc.) or intangible (e.g. organizational capacity), results enable enterprises to succeed.

Over the next 12 to 18 months parts of the methodology will be released to selected clients for validation. A complete version of the Winning Systems methodology will be available in 2013.